Full-Stack Developer, Speaker, Trainer


Full-Stack software developer, interested in web development using TypeScript, Backend development with NodeJS, NestJS, .NET Core. But not limited to it, open for the new skills. I enjoy attending conferences as a Speaker with technology talks. Flexible and self motivated, I'm interested in being part of some framework development or product for developers. I love comprehensive tasks, learning new technologies and solving tech problems.



I've been working in software development since university for more than 11 years. Initially from .NET background, I grew into management of projects inside EPAM, was involved into company processes at some level. Then I changed my primary direction back into code writing, architecture and technical leadership.

Now I dedicate more time to coding and researching new technologies, I've experienced in web development with Angular and React, backend development with .NET, .NET Core, NodeJS, NestJS,  mobile cross platform development with React Native and other things which help to automate stuff and solve technical issues.

Apart from the code writing, I lead a team of developers and handle customer communication for several projects, provide planning and staffing allocation.

Starting from 2017 I'm into conferences speaking in the .NET, Angular, React, NestJS, but mostly in Javascript and Typescript areas. I had speaking and training experience before, but now I provide deeply prepared technical talks, submit and participate in several international conferences.

Another interesting but rather small activity for myself is doing trainings and providing technical consultancy to the clients and company team members.


  • Skilled in Angular and React development, prepared several technical talks on this matters, completed range of Angular projects and Frontend or Full-Stack developer. I have 3+ years of such experience.
  • Deep Typescript and Javascript experience in several areas, including backend development with NodeJS and NestJS with relational (SQL Server, Postgresql) and non-relational (MongoDB) data models for 3+years.
  • AWS experience (ECS, CloudFormation, S3 and other parts of AWS stack)
  • Skilled in .NET / .NET Core development, experienced with EntityFramework, WEB API, Authentication, Parallel Programming in .NET area. More than 10 years.
  • Created Architecture for small and mid size web applications and platforms, including Relational Data Base design
  • A little bit GOlang experience
  • Experience and desire to do conference talks and articles on technical aspects of software development
  • Russian and English languages, spoken and written
  • Can effectively work remotely

Conferences and MeetUps

Participation - As part of my self education and learning of new tech things, I'm preparing articles, blog posts and conference talks from time to time. This helps me to study new things better and to share the knowledge and ideas with people around the globe.

Click here to view details about conferences I've attended as speaker or trainer.

Organization - I am part of GDG Minsk Org Team on permanent basis since beginning of 2020, working on WEB meetups organization (finding and preparation of speakers) and write Friday Dev Column. Also I've been a member of Org Committee of Mobile Optimized 2020 conference.

Projects and Case Studies

TS-Stronger-Types - side project which I do open source. It was created as demonstration of the idea, that Typescript code can be type safe even in runtime! it is achieved by implementing decorator `@Typed`, which can be used for function to validate types of arguments in a runtime. Code is here, npm package - here. 705 weekly downloads by 23-11-2020.

Mapbox - Annotation Tool
November 2019 - current time, Minsk

I'm working improvements and new modules for image annotation tool. The tool is used by company workers and its result is a source for neural network education cycles in Mapbox. The tool is simple from a first glance, but it supports range of use cases in UI, project metrics tracking and a lot of integrations with other backends.

Stack: JS / TS, React, Redux, Go, NestJS, everything happens in AWS infrastructure including S3 file storage.

Akveo - Nebular and Ngx-Admin Training - Summer 2019, Minsk.

I did several training sessions about our company open source products (Nebular and NGX-Admin) and Angular in general.

Akveo - Backend Bundles -
November 2018 - October 2019, Minsk.

I've created architecture approach and implemented a significant part of a code for this project. The idea is to create development template for both frontend and backend, integrated together via REST services. Angular frontend and bunch of different backends - .NET, .NET Core, Java, Node.JS, Nest.JS and some others. Product is commercial and sold by our company.
I am also involved into clients interaction, planning and continuous integration using SH scripts to prepare, build and test code before putting to the store.

The main project challenge is to make sure the single UI with several variants works with the range of backends, second biggest challenge is to make sure each variant of Angular UI is built without errors automatically.

Stack: Angular, Nebular, Ngx-Admin, .NET Web API, .NET Core Web API, Entity Framework, Node.JS, Nest.JS, Mongoose, MongoDB, SQL Server, SH Scripts, Git

Akveo - TV Advertisement Management App - September 2018 - November 2019, Minsk.

Angular CRUD application to organize the process of adding and editing advertisements for TV company including schedule management. Our company did initial architecture work to provide base Angular Application backbone, services and state management.

Stack: Angular, MobX, Git

Akveo - Mobile app for electrical service workers in Canada - May 2018 - January 2019, Minsk.

I worked as technical lead, architect and mobile developer for this project. We created cross platform mobile app using React Native framework for the mobile part and .NET Web API with Dapper as mini ORM for the backend part. Application was designed as offline first to support full offline mode and synchronization. Now it is officially in production and several companies in Canada uses it.

The main challenge was in creation stable data synchronization process. We used SQL Server Change Tracking for this from the backend perspective.
On the mobile side we needed to securely store data per user, we choose to use Realm data base for it. It has own challenges in terms of performance.

Stack: React Native, Realm database, MobX, .NET Web API, SQL Server, Dapper, Git

Akveo - Legal Document Storage and Analytics - November 2017 - October 2018, Minsk.

CRUD application with Angular frontend and .NET Web API with Entity Framework on a backend side. I worked as Technical Lead, Architect and full-stack developer on this project. Application was designed to help legal officers to fill legal data and see visual analytics. UX was complicated because of necessity to add big amount of textual information to the UI.

Another challenge was related to Angular performance due to big amount of different components in the UI.

Stack: Angular, MobX, .NET Web API, SQL Server, Autofac, Rotativa, Git

EPAM - Oil and Gas Account - October 2013, Russia, Saratov - November 2017, Belarus, Minsk.

Group of Projects for one of the largest Oil&Gas company, implementation of the software for the internal business process of the customer. Sample of the business area is Risk Assessment or well certification. Business value of projects is to setup, simplify and speed up processes for Customer, which will lead for finance benefits. Total amount of people under my supervision is 25 – 30. During this period I was mostly involved into coordination, staffing, communications, security questions, but also participated in serious bug fixes, estimation and performance improvements.

This project is one of the most important and interesting in my career. I started it as code quality specialist from EPAM. Then we managed to increase team and take bigger tasks. Eventually the project was re-written and used across all customer offices across the globe in 23 different time zones.

Desktop / Web application with offline mode and data synchronization. Business idea - unification of processes for Risk Assessment and others in different business units. Initially it was win forms application, later we created WPF framework to host both WPF modules and web modules, some of which were offline ready. End users setup the app just by downloading the initial small desktop application.

Challenges: autoupdate feature, performance for different locations, security, offline data storage, performance for Entity Framework queries, making data schema scalable. At the later stages of the project it was partially turned into CMS with ability to create custom data types.

In 2016 I relocated to Minsk, Belarus, working in this project.

Stack: AngularJS, .NET Web API, WPF, Entity Framework, SQL Server

EPAM - Business Intelligence Support in Media - February 2016 - August 2016, Russia, Saratov

I worked in group of 10 projects in media and advertising domain. I was responsible for projects staffing, support processes setup and delivery in location. Average size of projects is from 2 to 10 ppl. Technically most projects are connected with MS BI technologies and .NET stack. Total people amount under my supervision was about 30.

The biggest challenge here was related to the staffing process - we setup customer interview preparation process to make sure staffing is successful.

EPAM - Financial Data Services - February 2010 - September 2013, Russia, Saratov

I worked as backend developer and then Team Lead in the project with
implementation of backend services and middle layer between UI client and data services. Project goal was to implement data loading from different data sources, data transformation so that clients can consume data in the same way, retry process for loading and caching to ensure stability of this service bus (data sources was very unstable).

Another part of a project was to implement Data facades - middle layer between UI client code and data service. This library provided easy to use mechanism to access data, metadata for UI, mapping, filtering and caching.

Stack: .NET, WCF, XML, SQL

Postgraduate Education and work in Saratov State University www.sgu.ru - February 2010 - September 2013, Russia, Saratov

In parallel with EPAM work, I worked in Saratov State University as tutor and researched mathematical modeling and calculations of stabilized missiles flight as my postgraduate work. I have implemented range of mathematical algorithms in C++ to calculate mathematical models and find the best parameters. During that period I had published several science articles on this topic.

EPAM - Bank Web System - July 2008 - January 2010, Russia, Saratov

I worked as UI and then backend developer in Web project for One of Russian Banks. Project was to implement banking system for client internal usage, credits process and other internal processes. I worked closely in collaboration with Business Analysts and QA team, as a result we managed to increase quality and improve timeline in the unit I was involved in.

Stack: .NET, ASP.NET, jQuery, WCF, SQL

MOSSAR Techno - Factory IoT - September 2007 - February 2008, Russia, Saratov

Company worked to create automated system, which can get data from remote electric counters, store it in data base and proved easy access. System aimed to be setup in different factories, where electric counters should be distributed across big facility.

I worked as C++ developer for backend tasks.


Graduation Year: 2010

Name of the Education Establishment: N.G. Chernyshevsky Saratov State University

Faculty/College: Computer Science and Information Technologies


I have prepared and posted several articles on programming topics:

Personal Writings:

Personal Facts

I initially from Russia, town Syzran, close to Samara city. I moved to another bigger city in Russia, Saratov, for education and then during the university I joined EPAM Systems Saratov office and software developer. During several years in parallel with software development I was working in university as tutor.

As part of my EPAM activities I was highly involved into people management, motivation, attrition management and other related activities.

In 2016 I have relocated to Minsk city, Belarus, with my wife and two daughters.

I have lovely family - wife, two daughters, dog and cat. My wife is psychologist (therapist) and HR. We try to do joint projects together when it's possible.

I love traveling with my family, especially when it's possible to stay in some place for month or more. It gives me the opportunity to know the country and people better, understand culture and manners. That's why It's very cool for me when I can travel for work and stay with particular business in some place for quite a long time.